Upcoming Speakers

If you are a current member, or hope to join the club soon, you don’t want to miss the upcoming speakers. On September 28th, the season kicks off with “How to Create a European-Style Floral Arrangement” with Carl Vivaldi. Watch him design beautiful arrangements, then buy raffle tickets for a chance to take one home.

Dr. Carl Vivaldi started his career in Horticulture as an exchange student in the Netherlands when he was 17. Carl spent two years working in Holland in floral design, where he learned their method of design. In the U.S., Carl studied at Delaware Valley University, then received a Masters in Botany from Miami University and Ph.D. from Penn, in the school of Biology.

At the October 26th meeting, you will be treated to “Flowers That Shaped Our History” with Santino Lauricella. Beyond sources of food, garden beauty and building materials, the connections between people and plants are often overlooked by our society and many don’t realize the connections we have with plants every day. Here, you will examine the rich history of some of our native species and explore how each has shaped the world.

Santino Lauricella has served as the education coordinator for Bowman’s Hill WIldflower Preserve since 2019. He is responsible for the Preserve’s educational programming, which helps visitors to be inspired by our natural world. Originally from central New York, Santino received his B.S. in Wildlife Management from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. An avid lover of the outdoors since his childhood spent just outside the Adirondack Park, he relishes all opportunities to share his passion for nature and science with others.

Look forward to seeing you at both meetings!


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I have been an artist and designer all my life incorporating graphic design for websites, gardens, publications, fabrics, interior design and cooking. I am now retired from my professional job, but still create artistic visions in all forms on a daily basis.

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