Little Show Gallery

March 2023 for Groupings in a Parallel Manner

Arrangements from top left: Kathy DiTanna, Anne Bucher, Jackie Quinn-Palmer, Jeremy Parry, Lynn Holl, Barbara Heisler, Anne Markowitz, Arlene Gordon and Lynn Lee

February 2023 Entries for “On A Roll”

Arrangements from top left: Kathy DiTanna, Lynn Lee, Lynn Holl, Jeremy Parry, Anne Bucher, Jackie Quinn-Palmer, Anne Markowitz, Barbara Heisler

January 2023 Entries for “Great Lengths”

Arrangements from top left: Jeremy Parry, Barbara Heisler, Lynn Holl, Anne Markowitz, Jackie Quinn-Palmer, Arlene Gordon, Lynn Lee, and Lynne Suber

November 2022 Entries for “Beauty and the Beast”

October 2022 Entries for “Pod Squad”

September 2022 Entries for “Ducks in a Row”

May 2022 Entries for “All In One”

April 2022 Entries for “Meadow in a Vase”

March 2022 Entries for “Branching Out”

February 2022 Entries for “Surprise!”

January 2022 Entries for “Out of the Blue”

December 2021 Entries for “High Expectations”

November 2021 Entries for “Citrus Stunner”

October 2021 Entries for “Scale Change”

September 2021 Entries for “Take It Outside”