The Little Shows

One aspect of our monthly meeting is the “Little Show” in which interested members submit their entry based on the theme and corresponding criteria—which changes monthly. Prior to COVID, the live entries were transported to the meeting site where they were displayed and judged. Ribbons for first, second and third place, plus honorable mention, if warranted, were awarded.

As with everything else during these pandemic times, the rules changed. The monthly meetings went virtual and the Little Show submissions became computerized. To this day, the floral designs are digital only. The advantages are, no one has to physically cart their creations; all entries are shown on our Facebook page, displayed in this website, and highlighted in the monthly newsletter. That’s a lot of coverage!

If the judging facet prohibits you from entering, please note, that has also gone by the wayside, at least for now. We encourage you to try your hand at one of the upcoming challenges and let your creative juices flow. In fact, why not next month for the March exhibit?

“Branching Out” is the March theme. You are asked to construct a creative design which includes one or more branches. When arranging, consider inner spaces within petals, leaves, and/or branches. All files—as clear and crisp as possible—are due to Barbara Heisler ( by March 18. Browse online sites like Pinterest to get ideas, or Google floral arrangements made with branches and see what pops up.

Hope to see your arrangement in the near future!


Published by LynnHoll

I have been an artist and designer all my life incorporating graphic design for websites, gardens, publications, fabrics, interior design and cooking. I am now retired from my professional job, but still create artistic visions in all forms on a daily basis.

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